The Human Experience of Well-Being

The Human Experience of Well-Being

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel" - Maya Angelou.

Probably one of the most widely used quotes, because it is so true. 

At Miink, we want people to feel their best.

We also want to challenge the way they think.

When starting this brand, we wondered how many people were stuck thinking in the current *controlled* narrative that the first step to achieving health (and the absence of disease) is through pharmaceuticals. 

And we wondered, at what point did we drift away from the idea that nutrition, exercise or natural alternatives should or can be considered as a first line of defense?

We know the answer to this question lies in the hands of the $1.2+ trillion pharmaceutical industry. In a for profit industry, what is “best” is often decided by “who has the deepest pockets” and how good the marketing team is.

And so here is what makes us unique, because we have the audacity to go against those deep pockets with a natural therapeutical that could quite literally change the way society thinks about health and wellness.

Not only will that kind of bravery surely take us places, but we also truly believe in the power of our products.

And our belief in our products is not just based off what we think or how we feel… we have had the privilege of seeing just how powerful CBD and hemp products can be for thousands of people in our communities over the last few years, running our brick and mortar store out of Daytona Beach, FL.

I could tell you hundreds of stories just as impactful as the elderly lady who came into our store, hands completely clenched; who was able to open her hand enough to grasp a cup for the first time in years. Or the mom, who struggled with PPD for over a year with her first 2 kids and now with her 3rd newborn can say she wakes up in the morning, everyday, excited to live.

While all CBD products are not created equal, we have committed ourselves to quality, potency and consistency while delivering a 100% USA made product.

Our vision is simple: to elevate and innovate the human experience of well-being.

How we will achieve that is with our mission; to provide a quality cannabis experience, through natural therapeutical alternatives. 

We are thrilled to share with you all Miink; a premium CBD experience now available at!


Colin Smith 

CEO, Miink LLC

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Thank you for everything you do! These products changed my life…

Amanda A.

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